My Wedding Day Timeline


Photo Credit: Jen at Prism Concepts Photography

When I was engaged, I looked everywhere for a sample wedding day timeline and schedule with no luck. Nothing was specific enough. I was doing all the planning myself and had never been in a wedding before. Even the reception hall manager was no help: “I don’t know. All weddings are different. You need to talk it over with your DJ.”

My biggest planning pet peeve in a nutshell. Many people were reluctant to provide advice as they did not want to imply that I “should” do something a certain way or that I would blindly adopt their schedule as my own without taking my own needs and customs into consideration. Because of this, I decided to publish my wedding day schedule so nearly-weds at least have an idea of what to expect. Continue reading

No car? Get around in CLE!


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Downtown for the day? No need to bring or rent a car. Downtown Cleveland is praised for having excellent transit service. There are many options to choose from depending on your destination – most services work well into any budget!
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Pin Test: Cider Vinegar + Dish Soap Fly Trap

The worst part about summer is all the fruit flies I get in my kitchen. We leave the window open for a few hours, and the next day, swarm. It got so bad this summer we needed to come up with something to catch them all. I saw several Pins for what seemed like a very simple method:

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Congrats, it’s a Chantilly!

When I adopted Auglaize last September, I thought she was a domestic medium-hair cat. We had no history of her breeding background, and since she came from a cat hoarder, we figured she was probably a mix. Then in March, Josh and I watched an episode of Cats 101 that featured a breed called “Chantilly.” All of the traits lined up perfectly:

Smaller-than-average build: I was so relieved to learn that female Chantillies weigh an average of 6-8 pounds. At her first check-up she weighed just over six pounds, and I figured her growth was stunted because she was born in a house where she may not have always had food. Fortunately, she’s just petite (like her human!).


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Our $200 vacation

Josh and I celebrated our four-year anniversary at the end of May. Instead of exchanging gifts, we decided to get away and take a nice vacation. Since I was unemployed and he was working evenings at the sporting goods store, our “vacation fund” was practically nonexistent. Were my dreams of an island getaway to lofty for Northern Ohio? Continue reading

Adopting Auglaize

In September, I started to browse PetFinder on a whim. I’ve always wanted a cat, but was never allowed to have one; my mom and sister are allergic (at one point, my mom tried to convince me that I was allergic too, but that’s another story). I tried to convince Josh we should adopt one after I lost my job – I was going to be home all day and needed someone to keep me company! It wouldn’t have made sense with my paltry unemployment check, and then what happens when I do get a job and the cat is suddenly alone all day?

This time was different, though. I’m not living with my parents anymore and finally found a full-time job, so why not add a cute little fuzzbaby to our family? PetFinder showed me a large group of cats at the Cleveland Animal Protective League who had numbers attached to their names. Like 25-Putnam, 21-Scioto, and 30-Defiance. These cats – 33 in total – had been taking from a hoarding situation two months prior. Since there were so many of them, they had been named after the counties of Ohio. A good portion of the group was gone, but twelve cats remained at the shelter. And the one who caught my eye was 13-Auglaize. Continue reading