Maybe there is a such thing…

…as too much chocolate.

Okay, let me explain this absurdity. Josh’s family (bless their hearts) had no idea what to get me for Christmas, so I gave him a few ideas to pass along. “Well, I like Forever 21, H&M, Marshall’s…oh, and dark chocolate.”

I came home on Christmas evening to find gifts from his mom, dad, brother, aunt, grandpa, and grandma under the tree. As I unwrapped everything, my thoughts went from “Ooo, chocolate!!” to “Hey, more chocolate!” to “…did everyone get me chocolate?”


They did. Pictured above is the final count:

  • Chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • Two Malley-Ohs (chocolate dipped Oreos for you non-Ohioans)
  • A Crockpot recipe container that clearly does not belong in this photo…
  • One bottle of Chocolate Shop dark chocolate-infused wine
  • Two bags of milk chocolate coins
  • An Aero 2-in-1 bar
  • Two Malley’s dark chocolate pretzel crunch bars
  • One Malley’s crunch bar
  • One Malley’s Santa bar (aka a Malley’s crunch bar with a Christmas wrapper)
  • Two Godiva dark chocolate bars
  • One box of Godiva dark chocolate pearls
  • One box of Pocky
  • A snowman jar stuffed with hot chocolate packets
  • One bag of Malley’s dark chocolate coins
  • One bag of Lindor dark truffles
  • Two Malley’s dark chocolate-dipped pretzel rods
  • One GIANT Malley’s milk chocolate pretzel bar
  • And a diabetic partridge in a pear tree.

It’s not like I don’t appreciate it. I’m flattered that Josh’s family all thought of me and got me things they knew I would really enjoy. The only problem is, nearly two weeks later, I’m sitting here noshing on a Malley-Oh and still wondering “Now what?” It took Josh until last week to eat his chocolate bunny from last Easter. How can we possibly eat through all this? I’ve got a few ideas for the solid chocolate – melting it down and making chocolate kale chips, chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day, and re-freezing some to make homemade chocolate chips.

Other than that, I can’t think of much else. Josh knows to not get me any chocolate for Valentine’s Day, and that bottle of chocolate wine is long gone (burp). I might be having Wonka nightmares in the near future.

Maybe next year I’ll just say I like kittens and hope for the best…

What would you do with this much chocolate?

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